Indoor Plants are part of the family. The solution of keeping your plant alive with water at the right time in the correct amount, the right fertilizer without multiple prescriptions has been solved at Ndoor™ Plants.

Indoor plant care and pots


Ndoor Plants™ have ONE fertilizer for ALL of your indoor plants, specifically formulated to give luxurious growth, abundant blooms with the ease of once a month tending. Ndoor Plantz Fertilizer™

African Violets can be the easiest of all plants to maintain at optimum blooming and luscious growth. Our E-CUBEZ™ watering system allows for self watering for a month, visual monitoring, and elegant displaying of all of your prize African Violets. Examining, trimming and watering is made easy with the  Ndoor Plantz  E-CUBEZ™.

This Plant Portal is the information hub and your product source  to learn how to keep your beautiful plants healthy & alive without holding their hands 24/7.

African Violet Fertilizer

African Violet Pots

African Violets are the most popular house plants in the world. With an annual production of 110 million plants sold a year, possibly you are one of the buyers that make this plant so popular. If you follow 2 simple rules you will be able to keep your prize African violet alive with little efforts, indefinitely.

  1. Water, at the right time, in the right amount, and don’t run out,
  2. Fertilizer, at the right time, in the right amount, and don’t run out

The  Ndoor Plantz  E-CUBEZ™ and the Ndoor Plantz Fertilizer™ solves both of these issues.