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How to choose the best African violet pot

How to choose the best African violet pot

is easy when you know the reasons for your choice.
African Violets are beautiful and the most popular indoor plants worldwide but many people are afraid to grow them because they have the misconception that they are hard to grow. This is not true, African Violets are the easiest of all indoor plants to grow and care for successfully.

African Violet Fertilizer

African Violet Pots

The biggest reason for failure is because the plants are either under or over watered. Choosing the best type of flower pot will eliminate most of your African Violet growing fears.
African violets are some of the easiest indoor plants to grow once you are aware of a couple of their very simple requirements like water, light and fertilizer.
There are 3 basic choices for African Violet Pots:
1. Clay pot or terracotta pots; are very familiar and has widespread usage, however these pots are very porous and the roots of your African violet can dry out and stress the plant to death before you recognize the symptoms and water the plant. Clay pots have a tendency to be dry at the top even if used with a wick, because of excess evaporation through the sides of the pot.
2. Ceramic pots; are beautifully painted and exorbitantly expensive.
a. With a saucer; these pots fall into the category of dismal under or over watered plants because you can not determine if the plant is too dry or too wet until damage has occurred…
b. With a water reservoir; these pots have an inner pot that is unglazed so the water can seep into the root ball to be absorbed. However the porous ceramic liner clogs over time with water minerals and natural fertilizer salts, rendering the expensive beautiful pot only useful as a candy dish as it can no longer allow water or nutrients into the root zone of your plant. The plant stresses or dies. (Extensive acid washes and cleaning techniques can revive partial use of the pot.)
3. Plastic pots; with the correct water reservoir yields the most hassle free, competition class beautiful African Violets, year around! A plastic pot (one third the diameter of the violet leaf canopy with a nylon wick extending from the bottom of the pot into a visible water reservoir is the ideal setup for African violets. The water soluble fertilizer can be added to the water in the reservoir and the plant will only “wick up” the amount of water/fertilizer it needs for about a month at a time. The E-Cubez is one of the best self watering pot systems available for African Violets and other wickable plants. There is never a problem with under or over watered plants. The visible water level in the reservoir is your notice of when to add water. The plant will never wick more water than it needs. This is by far the most stylish, inexpensive African Violet Pot on the market. The plastic pots are very easy to clean and sterilize, (cleans easily with soap and water), they discourage the growth of algae, they conserve water by minimizing evaporation, and they are not prone to the accumulation of fertilizer salts.

Violet Pot water for 30 days

African Violet Self Watering Pot

The E-Cubez™ is the ideal African Violet Self Watering Pot,

Perfect for plants lovers with busy schedules.

African Violets need a steady supply of water, but not too much…they don’t like wet roots, and getting water on the leaves may cause brown spots, so having a pot designed specifically for African Violets that feeds from the bottom of the pot is paramount to your success. Avoid placing pots directly in water to prevent root damage.
Choose the right pot.

Choosing the right pot is like choosing the right home for your African Violet.

These plants grow best in pots that are sized for their root systems. The pot diameter should be one-third the spread of the leaf span of your Violet.

African Violet Feed

African Violet Select Fertilizer

If you put your plant in a pot that’s too large, it may not bloom.
Give your African Violet proper light, use a self-watering pot, with the right African Violet Select Fertilizer™ (plus tell it occasionally how much you love it) and your plant will reward you with blooms almost year around.