African Violet Fertilizer

By | June 8, 2017

African Violet Fertilizer is available as ndoor Plantz African Violet Fertilizer™.

This unique formulation for African Violets has been balanced to provide the perfect fertilizer for all of your indoor plants. The three numbers represent percentages of the total ingredients in the bag of the primary nutrients (nitrogen(N) – phosphorus(P) – potassium(K).

ndoor Plantz™

African Violet Pots & Fertilizer

These primary nutrients are essential elements and MAY have some trace elements, but these are not always listed on the package. Local water supplies may contain some of the same trace elements which can lead to problems with toxicity.

Nitrogen, Some growers use several fertilizers, some for growth, others for blooming. If you have problems with acid pH, grow in cold conditions or you may prefer a fertilizer that does not use urea as a source for nitrogen, as this could lead to a condition called ammonium toxicity which spots the leaves. For this reason our African Violet Fertilizer is Urea free. The result of using urea-based fertilizers in acid conditions or cold are generally seen on the leaves or in the root system. The damage caused by urea induced Root Burn reduces an African Violet’s ability to properly absorb water and nutrients. For these reasons all of our nitrogen sources EXCLUDE urea.

Nitrogen is needed for:

• essential for growth of foliage,
• produces tender, lush, green leaves,
• deficiency results in little or no growth and a yellow-green color (chlorosis),
• is easily flushed through the soil.
Phosphorus is believed to improve flowering, so a higher phosphorus formulas is used when preparing for show and home displays.
• stimulates root growth,
• hastens the maturity of plants,
• promotes development of flowers,
• deficiency can result in stunted or slow growth and purplish discoloration on leaves,
• remains in the soil quite well.

• gives vigor to tolerate changing weather conditions,
• helps resist disease,
• assists in the food manufacturing process,
• strengthens cell wall structure for strong stems,
• deficiency can cause week stems and slow growth,
• leaches from the soil, not as fast as nitrogen.
Plants need micronutrients in very small amounts of which there are seven micronutrients. Boron is important for overall growth and flower development. Iron provides a catalyst in the production of chlorophyll. Manganese, molybdenum, chlorine, zinc, and copper play an important role in photosynthesis. Copper also helps to metabolize nutrients into usable energy sources.

African Violet Fertilizer

African Violet Pots

There are nine major elements that Violets need: calcium, carbon, hydrogen, magnesium, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorus, potassium and sulfur and at least seven micronutrients; boron, chlorine, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum and zinc.

Many trace elements have been determined to provide a beneficial effect to African Violets

, such as silicon (Si) cobalt (Co), nickel (Ni), and sodium (Na).
When discussing the elements that may go into a Violet Food, it is important to include a well balance formula that addresses all of the violets need at the appropriate time.

African Violet Feed

African Violet Select Fertilizer

ndoor Plantz African Violet Fertilizer™ has taken the time honored formula that has worked for over a decade to produce some of the best show winners of African Violets worldwide and added 76 trace minerals that have been lost to civilization for thousands of years and brought to life the genetic stimulation of world class winners for African violet displays.

Violet Pot water for 30 days

African Violet Self Watering Pot

ndoor Plantz Fertilizer™ has been used for every plant in the greenhouses,

indoors and outdoors for over a decade. One fertilizer for All plants. Our African Violet Formula 12-36-14, is the best fertilizer with 76 trace minerals is a leader in home fertilizer and plant feeding. ndoor Plantz African Violet Fertilizer™ has been designed for wick feeding, foliar or direct watering, as it is completely water soluble.
The issues of watering and fertilizer have been solved for me using ndoor Plantz African Violet Fertilizer™, with the ndoor Plantz E-Cubez™

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