African violet pots

By | June 2, 2017

African violet pots

African violet pots can be self watering pots.

Hassle free, clog free and decorative comes to mind when you consider potting your African Violet in an E-Cubz™ self watering pot.  The pot is transparent so you see the water level at all times. You Only need to add water to the reservoir when it gets low.

African Violet Pot

Self Watering Pot

The E-Cubz™ self watering pot eliminates the #1 problem of African Violet Care,

OVERWATERING. The E-Cubz™ self watering violet pots, keeps your plant supplied with the exact amount of moisture by using a simple wick that does not need to be adjusted once your plant is put in the pot.

E-Cubz™ solves the second African Violet Culture issue of when and how much to fertilize.

The E-Cubz™ allows you to incorporate the water soluble All “ndoor Plantz Fertilizer” ™. The fertilizer is fed through the wicking system at the right apportion and at the right speed to give you abundant growth and competition blooms. The effects of accumulated fertilizer salts on clay pots (ceramic pots) can be completely clogging and in time making the most beautiful pot unusable. The E-Cubz™ pot WILL NOT CLOG, is easily washable with warm water and soap, keeping the see through pot sparkling transparent.

Violet Pot water for 30 days

African Violet Self Watering Pot

The African violet pots are colorful, decorative, stable, long lasting and clean. These self watering pots can be used for any plant with wickable soil. The self water pots solves two issues.

  1. How and when to water, and
  2. How to apply African Violet Fertilizer.

If you are starting a leaf, repotting a plantlet from a leaf, or miniature, the small 2”X2”X4” E-Cubz™ pot is just right for African violets or fresh starts in a solo cup.

The larger E-Cubz™ pot, 4”X4”X6” E-Cubz™ pot is for fully mature African violets in a 3” pot or any other plant that is fed and watered using a wick to draw the exact amount of water from the reservoir for optimum growth and blooms. The E-Cubz™ is a proprietary African violet pot of
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