African Violet Watering

By | June 5, 2017

Over watering African violets is the number one killer.

There are a few simple steps to take to insure your favorite African violets will live indefinitely.

African Violet Fertilizer

African Violet Pots

  1. Water with a self wicking system to prevent over-watering, water on the crowns and under-watering.
  2. Fertilize using your wicking feeding system for the correct amount of fertilizer all the time.
  3. Use rainwater or tap-water that has set open for 3 days to allow harmful fluoride and or chlorine to evaporate, at room temperature.

The ndoor Plantz ecubez™ has been designed specifically for ideal African Violet culture.

The ecubez™ will allow for about 30 days sustained watering dispensing the exact amount of water daily for your plant. The see through side allows you to see when you need to refill the reservoir. 5 colors are available, two sizes, 4X4X6 for mature plants, 3″ pot and 2X2X4 for miniatures and leaf starts.

ndoor Plantz Fertilizer™, urea free, for all of your indoor plants is a water soluble fertilizer that is wick friendly. Ideal for the E-cubez™ watering system.

Violet Pot water for 30 days

African Violet Self Watering Pot

African Violet Pot

Self Watering pot


African Violet watering care is crucial to keep your violets healthy.

Violets  like evenly moist soil, Waterlogged  soil is certain death for the African Violets. This saturated soil eliminates the air-space African violets need to thrive. Since  the African violet both drinks and breaths through it roots, roots left standing in water deprive causes the plant to drown.

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