Fertilizer for ALL plants grown  in your home

, lawn or outside is a balancing act that only a few have managed to perfect.

Ndoor Plants has formulated a perfect blend of essential and trace minerals that will work on ALL plants, even the delicate, fickle African violet with amazing results.

African Violet Feed

African Violet Select Fertilizer

This water soluble fertilizer is ideal for self watering pots, wicking, foliar, sprayer, direct pouring over root base or sprayers.

Ndoor Plants incorporates 76 micro trace Minerals in their non-metallic formula. Ndoor Plantz Fertilizer has organic colloidal trace minerals with the key factor that the origin is true plant derivation.

Most of these 76 micro trace minerals have been leached from the native soil and not even addressed by most fertilizer companies. Our proprietary fertilizer blend re-introduces these essential minerals to the basic three which is; The first number represents Nitrogen, the second is Phosphorous, the third is Potassium (or Potash). These numbers are percentages of the total ingredients in the bag.

Watch the miraculous difference in plant growth as your favorite plants respond to the “extra” trace minerals that it has been deprived of for millennia.

Take the headache out of plant care and opt for ONE Fertilizer for ALL of your Plants; orchids, African violets, tropicals, fruit, palms, succulents, cacti, indoors, outdoors, lawn, garden and miscellaneous.

African Violet Fertilizer

African Violet Pots Pots

With ndoor plantz fertilizer, all of your plant questions and concerns are over:

 Ndoor Plantz Fertilizeris the perfect companion for the  Ndoor Plantz E-Cubez. This water soluble fertilizer works ideally with all wick fed pots. Always add distilled water only to your fertilizer mix.