Kits for ndoor plants™

solution for African violets and all indoor plants is made simple with the decorator self watering pot and supplies.

E-Cubez Self Watering Pot

Our Starter kit includes a 4″ E-Cubez™

reservoir, a 6″ wick and 1 oz. of All  ndoor Plantz Fertilizer. A  4″ X 6″ E-Cubezreservoir is for mature violets or other indoor plants that can be grown with a wicking water solution.


This hassle free system of watering, ferilizing and displaying is made possible with our decorative self watering vessels.

A six inch wick, fertilizer for a gallon of fertilizer water, a 3″ pot, potting soil for a 3″ pot and instructions.

There are 5 colors to choose from: watermelon, violet, yellow, lavender, crystal and green.

The 2″X 4″ E-Cubez is for miniatures or baby plants.

E-Cubez for seed and Plantlets


African Violet Fertilizer

African Violet Pots Pots