African violets are the most popular indoor plant worldwide. With a little over 110 million violets planted a year to satisfy this demand, it is no wonder that each homeowner is looking for the best solution to water, fertilize and keep their prize African Violet Alive.

ndoor plants for a more harmonious outcome.

A variety of plants exists in nature.To keep the plants healthy and beautiful it is important to learn African Violet culture in order to best care for them .

Finding a home for one or two African violets is always as close as a windowsill. Thirty or 4o plants usually means converting the spare bedroom into a growing room.

Self Watering Pots

African Violet Pots

To conserve space while prominently displaying your African Violet, consider the modern designed ndoor Plantz E-Cubez self watering African Violet pot that allows for the newly formulated African Violet Special Blooms and More indoor plantz fertilizer.