Self water pots


Self Watering Pots

are the most convenient hassle free modes of plant care that a home owner can incorporate into their plant culture! All of the cube water containers shown here keep the plants perfectly watered for about 30 days.

Self Watering Pot

African Violet Self Watering Pot

Too much water, too little water and water on the crowns of African violets damage or kill these gorgeous plants.

The ndoor plantz E-Cubez has solved this watering problem by allowing the plant to wick the ideal amount of water for its needs from the reservoir below, when it needs it.

These beautiful reservoirs display the African Violet with elevation and color. There are 5 colors to choose from including clear.

All of these E-Cubez are transparent

so you can always see the water level inside and can refill before the reservoir goes dry.

There are two sizes of E-Cubez available, Large 6 ¼ ”  tall accepting a 3″ pot, and a Small 4 1/8″ tall accepting a 1 7/8″ solo cup.

African Violet Fertilizer

African Violet Pots

The E-Cubez is a 2 piece reservoir that is easy to open, spill resistant, stable with a 4X4″ base and the small with a 2X2″ base.

These economical self watering pot holders are designed to compliment your plants and add to the ease of their care.

The E-Cubez is made of durable plastic that will allow your water soluble fertilizer to be added to the water without buildups or accumulation of deposits on the sidewalls.

Should your pot need to be cleaned, mere warm soapy water will allow the E-Cubez to sparkle again as new.

Your E-Cubez can be used to grow and display full sized plants or baby plants

from leaves or divisions.

African Violet Pots

Violet Pot water for 30 days

African Violet Self Watering Pot

The correct nylon wick is available for both sizes of E-Cubez.

The correct water soluble fertilizer for ALL Plants including wicking and self water pots is available  at Ndoor Plants.  Always use distilled water to add your fertilizer to.