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African Violet Fertilizer for ALL ndoor Plantz

African Violet Fertilizer, from  http://ndoorplants.com African violet care and feeding isn’t an age-old mystery. Just a little education is needed for year around blooming and healthy plants. Sunset’s gardening books crown African Violets as the most popular houseplant in the world. After leaving the store lights, the African violet never looks quite as good at home as when… Read More »

African Violet Fertilizer

African Violet Fertilizer is available as ndoor Plantz African Violet Fertilizer™. This unique formulation for African Violets has been balanced to provide the perfect fertilizer for all of your indoor plants. The three numbers represent percentages of the total ingredients in the bag of the primary nutrients (nitrogen(N) – phosphorus(P) – potassium(K). These primary nutrients are essential elements… Read More »

African violet pots

African violet pots African violet pots can be self watering pots. Hassle free, clog free and decorative comes to mind when you consider potting your African Violet in an E-Cubz™ self watering pot.  The pot is transparent so you see the water level at all times. You Only need to add water to the reservoir when it gets… Read More »