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How to choose the best African violet pot

How to choose the best African violet pot is easy when you know the reasons for your choice. African Violets are beautiful and the most popular indoor plants worldwide but many people are afraid to grow them because they have the misconception that they are hard to grow. This is not true, African Violets are the easiest of… Read More »

African Violet Watering

Over watering African violets is the number one killer. There are a few simple steps to take to insure your favorite African violets will live indefinitely. Water with a self wicking system to prevent over-watering, water on the crowns and under-watering. Fertilize using your wicking feeding system for the correct amount of fertilizer all the time. Use rainwater… Read More »

African violet pots

African violet pots African violet pots can be self watering pots. Hassle free, clog free and decorative comes to mind when you consider potting your African Violet in an E-Cubz™ self watering pot.  The pot is transparent so you see the water level at all times. You Only need to add water to the reservoir when it gets… Read More »